Introduction Reflection

Learning Target:

  • I can point out how the author addresses differing facts and opinions.


Read the introduction to Physics of the Future by Michio Kaku

In detailed paragraphs using formal writing rules, reflect on the following in regards to the information provided in the introduction:

  • Undoubtably, Michio Kaku knew that there would be some opposition to what he was about to state in his book. How did he use the introduction to address differing facts and opinions?

  • According to the Cave Man Principle, as humans we want to have both High Tech and High Touch. However, when given the option we chose High Touch. Prior to reading the introduction would you have agreed or disagreed with this statement. Did your feelings change at all after reading the introduction, why or why not?

How to answer

After you've joined this wiki, please answer on the discussion below.

Additional Special Instructions

Westwood Students;
  • You should comment on at least 3 Iowa student reflections.
  • You may want to draft in Google Docs before pasting in the discussion below.