Future of The Computer

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Internet Contact Lens (described below)
Internet Contact Lens (described below)

Essential Themes

In each chapter of Physics of the Future, Michio Kaku introduces many different ideas. As a group, you will select three ideas from the chapter you are responsible for that interest you the most. This could be because some of you have a personal connection to the idea, question the idea, or are intrigued by the idea. Compare and contrast the three ideas. Be sure to include individuals and events that are involved in the ideas.

This should be completed in paragraph form and be roughly 350 words for each idea. Please make headings for each idea and work with your partners to incorporate multimedia (no more than 1 video), graphics (no more than 3) and other items with this. Your explanation should be understandable by an average middle schooler or higher.

Wearable Technology

There are so many changes coming in the future, especially for the computer. One predicted change is wearable technology. Such technologies include the new and popular computerized object of the year, the Google Glass. This "toy" has the ability to go on the internet, take pictures, and record sound. Among other types of wearable technology, there is a device in development called the Internet Contact Lens. This miniaturized computer has many of the same features as Google Glass. You can, literally, search the internet with a blink of an eye. There are also some versions of these contact lenses that can be controlled by a small handheld device, like a remote, or mouse. In Michio Kaku’s book, Physics Of The Future, he states that you can even watch a full length movie with your eyes closed. This is possible because the lens would shoot microscopic lasers into your eyes, which would then make it seem like you were staring into a screen in front of you. Both the Google Glass and the Internet Contact Lens are very awesome and intriguing, but they are not the only kind of wearable technology scientists have predicted to come.

Further into the future, computer chips will be everywhere. This is known as ubiquitous computing. These chips will be very cheap,about the cost of running water, and they will be incredibly useful. Michio Kaku states in his book that all the objects around us will be intelligent. He also makes the point that chips will be in our clothes and on our walls. Chips will implant the world with internet in the strangest places. Pretty much all the objects we own will be smart and connected to the internet.

As you can see, wearable technology will become a very big part of our lives in the future. We will all have the abilities of internet, recording, playing videos, and taking pictures, on us wherever we go. The world will be knowledgeable and computerized. Wearable technology is a new wave of change, and we, as humans, will be more than happy to surf.

How Computers Affect the Medical Field

For centuries, the world has depended on traveling to the doctor to check their health. This will not be ongoing much longer. Holograms and contact lenses that scan your body for illnesses will take over the job of the human doctor. No more scheduling appointments, or waiting for results. In the future, doctors will be able to examine people from millions of miles away. You could be in Chicago, and your doctor in New York, and he could be in the middle of giving you a cat-scan. All of this is thanks to computers.

The internet contact lens (talked about above) will be able to scan for diseases and monitor diabetes patients. Wallpaper like screens will scan you and send a hologram to you doctor. MRI-MOUSE (a foot tall version of a MRI machine) will give you an immediate result at home without the cost of getting an MRI at a hospital. There will even be a small pill you can take that will search for illnesses and even possibly perform Surgery without having to cut through skin. There is an abundance gifts computers have to offer to the future of medicine.

The world will no longer be sickly. We all will have the medical attention we desire. We will all have a longer life expectancy. This will be caused by the ease of treatment, and technology like 3D printing. Our whole look on life will change. Humans will become immune to the savage pains of cancer and such illnesses.

Most of this is wondrous and helpful, but not all of the outcomes will be beneficial. Many jobs will be lost, and humans might start to be careless with their bodies. Although there is a chance of these implications becoming true, it does not defeat the good computers will do for the medical field in the future. Our lives will change whether we like it or not, and for the sake of the world we should embrace the inevitable.

Augmented Reality

We have always viewed the world through our own eyes. In the future, with the introduction of Augmented Reality into our society, we will be able to see the people and places around us with a different look on them. Current Augmented Reality, or virtual reality, allows us to have access to information on a person, place, or thing that we previously did not have. Augmented Reality is already on some Apple applications. An example of this would be an app called Layar. This app combines a phone’s camera and GPS technology to give you information about a building or restaurant that you can see. There are many other phone applications that incorporate Augmented Reality onto them such as Monocle and Wikitude. Monocle takes your location and provides you with information on restaurants near your location and Wikitude gives you information about places you are located near.

In the future, Augmented Reality will play an even greater role in our lives. Forthcoming virtual reality will most likely be in the form of wearable technology such as contact lenses or something like Google Glass. This could turn out to be very enhancing from a military standpoint. You could be a soldier pinned down in the middle of a battle, and a satellite overhead would stream information into your contact lenses about the location of hostile troops and their movements. The satellite could then give you different options for an escape route.

Another integration of Augmented Reality into our lives will be from a video game standpoint. One such technology being developed is the Virtuix Omni
This is the Virtuix Omni, the Omni is a virtual reality treadmill, see the video for a better insight to what it is like to use one.
This is the Virtuix Omni, the Omni is a virtual reality treadmill, see the video for a better insight to what it is like to use one.

This machine allows you to experience video games in a completely new, amazing way. On this machine, you can play a video game as if you are the actual person in the game. You control all of the movements in the game with your own real body. This is possible because there are sensors in this machine that detect your body’s movement. These sensors then take your body’s movements and put them into the game (Virtuix Omni, 2014). Augmented Reality is going to become a big part of the future. We as humans need to accept that and start applying these new technologies into our daily lives.

Predicted Impact

Analyze the predicted impact on the economic, social, and political landscape if your three selected trends were to happen as you predict. Work with your team to cast a vision for what this would look like in the world. (Use the discussion tabs and commenting to facilitate discussions or speak to your teachers about direct contact with the other students if that will help.) This will form the basis of your movie creations so use your imagination but base it in fact and research from the book and beyond.


Wearable Technology
In the near future, with the assist of new, innovative technology, such as the internet contact lens, our economical standpoint will change dramatically. Now we have to drive to stores and find an item and then check out, but in the future, we may be able to just look at an item, decide we want it, and then just buy it. This is just with the help of our contact lens. When we buy something, the item will be delivered to us. For example, we will be able to see a shirt we like and not only notice that we like it but also get it sent to us just by looking at it. The new technology that will be in our control will completely change our ways of life.

How Computers Will Affect The Medical Field
As computers and electronics advance, it affects the economy. Medical Technology is the equipment, procedures and processes in medical care. Health Care costs are increasing each year at a rate of seven percent. If this is continued, then Medicare could be bankrupt in nine years. New technology contributes to 40-50% of the cost increasing annually. This increase in cost is what has caused the number of uninsured citizens to spike. Businesses are finding it harder and harder to keep insuring their employees. Medical Technology is highly valued, which is difficult because it is the main cost in these cost spikes. Everyone expects it, like it is a right. Technology plays such an important role in the medical field, yet it is so damaging to the economy. It is dangerous because it spikes the cost of insurance and causes so many people to go without insurance. Technology is so important medically that even economists are very unwilling to give it up. Medical technology saves so many people’s lives each year, which is why is will probably be here to stay.

Augmented Reality
When Augmented Reality advances, it will change many aspects of our lives. One part of Augmented Reality is the coming technology known as telepresence. Telepresence is like in the movie Star Wars where Yoda talks to the Jedi Council while on a different planet. A 3D image of him is present, and he can interact with everybody, but he's sitting on a different planet .World and business leaders will be able to conduct meetings from their own homes instead of having to fly all the way across the world. They will be able make deals faster and get to talk to the right people as soon as they need to. This will healthily improve us from an economic standpoint and that will help enhance people's state of living.


Wearable Technology
Wearable Technology will have a huge impact in the political world, for example, political figures and business heads could read their speeches and still keep eye contact with the audience, by using internet contact lenses. They would also be able to contact others more efficiently, without the cost of travel. We will have many new advancements in wearable technology very soon, like Google Glass. The advantages we are going to have in the future are amazing and the world cannot wait to see them.

How Computers Will Affect The Medical Field
There are so many new technologies that are coming along with the advancement of the medical field. One big concern with these new technologies is our privacy. The government will have access to all of our medical records and they could be able to interfere in our lives. There is the idea of a chip that could be implanted into you, so your medical history files would never be lost. Most people don’t see the dangers of this. People could easily program their phones to scan and download all your medical records just by walking past you. Also, with the government already having been slightly intrusive, there are so many things that they could do with these new advancements. If you’re clinically depressed and you take medicine, the government could decide to put you in an institution. None of our information will be secure at all.

Augmented Reality
Augmented Reality is going to deliver various changes to the world around us. Many of these new technologies will enhance our lives. But, as it is with any new invention, there are going to be drawbacks. That is where the naysayers of Augmented Reality will come into play. They will attack the weaknesses of Augmented Reality to slow down it’s integration into the world as long as possible.

One question of Augmented Reality will be the privacy issue. Eventually, we will be able to look at someone and our contact lenses or glasses will stream information about this person to us. Information could include location of residence, criminal history, or past marriages. Many humans will not enjoy other humans having access to this information this easily. Another controversial aspect of Augmented Reality is the military standpoint. It could be used in your contact lenses to help you on the field of battle. However, people who want to counter Augmented Reality will point out the possibility of it falling into enemy hands. If that happens, what will the consequences be if said enemy develops the technology further. There will be many debates over the inclusion of Augmented Reality into our society and we will just have to see where it goes.


Wearable Technology
The world is connected in a spider web of social networks. In this day and age everyone is spiraled into the world of typing, emoticons, and chatting on the web. If this is true, imagine what the future of social networking will be like in years to come. In the future, wearable technology will be a new and popular trend. Communication will be so different because of it. Gadgets like internet contact lenses will storm the world and bring lots of pros and cons with them. Holograms will take place of video chat on a screen. Just by looking through a lens anyone could talk to a person half way around the world and it would feel like they are right in front of them. The need to be face to face may just become obsolete. Children in school could cheat on tests because they could look up answers in the lenses. As a result of those students who would cheat test will become less factual and more intellectual. Social studies test now have questions like, “Who was the first President of the United States?”, but after technology advances, questions will have to be more opinionated and challenging. Social networking is big now, and it will only continue to grow larger. The only question is...do we really want it to?

How Computers Will Affect The Medical Field
Medical Technology will change greatly as it improves more and more. People will begin to obtain more information about their health through computers and on their smart phones. With people having access to their health information, physicians might not be needed anymore in the future. Instead physicians might just be there to tell patients where to get the best information or what app to get. Today, nearly 85% of Americans own a smartphone, about one-third of them use their phones to access medical information. If doctors don’t stay up-to-date with technological trends, patients will go elsewhere to find information.There is going to be more and more online visits and less face-to-face visits. Doctors will need to embrace the changes in technology. Embracing Technology will result in the best outcome for doctors and workers in the medical field.

Augmented Reality
In the future, the social aspect of technology will improve tremendously. For example, someone could be at a party and see someone they do not know. They could activate their Google Glasses or other types of facial recognition technology, which will allow them to friend the person on social networks that are paired with your phone and tell you who they are and where they’re from. It could almost completely get rid of face to face conversations. Also if you are at a business meeting and a business man needs to chat with a partner far away, he could just use an Augmented Reality application and he would see his colleague's hologram through his contact lens or glasses. Overall Augmented Reality will absolutely change our ways of communication and social living.

Essential Terminology

As you read the chapter, you are responsible to select 5 words that you'd consider important vocabulary for understanding the chapter. These words should be either words you do not already know the definition to or words you don't use on a regular basis. For each word complete the following. Each student must include 5 vocabulary words and draft the meaning and use it in a sentence but all students should work together to come to a final agreement on the word's meaning and sentences. The sentences should show an understanding of the word's meaning and be related to the topic. Use the comment feature for this.


OLED (page ?)
Definition - a display device that sandwiches two carbon-based films between two charged electrodes
Sentence - An OLED is a form of light.

VRD (page ?)
Definition - a display technology that draws a raster display directly onto the retina
Senetnce - VRD technology will be used in Google Glass.

Paradigm (page ?)
Defiintion - an example or model of something
Sentence - There are paradigms of Google Glasses that will be the base of the real thing.

DARPA (page ?)
Definition - is an agency of the United States Department of Defense responsible for the development of new technologies for use by the military
Sentence - DARPA creates missiles and weaponry for the military.

EEG (page ?)
Definition - is the recording of electrical activity along the scalp
Sentence - We can monitor brain activity with EEG.


Component (page ?)
Definition - a part or element of a larger whole, esp. a part of a machine or vehicle
Sentence - Certain components in a machine are critical.

Exponential (page ?)
Definition - Very fast; Increasing rapidly
Sentence - That was done with exponential speed.

Disposition (page ?)
Definition - a person's inherent qualities of mind and character.
Sentence - His disposition is very peculiar.

FMRI (page ?)
Definition - functional magnetic resonance imaging
Sentence - FMRI is the new way to look at the brain.

ALS (page ?)
Definition - amyotrophic lateral sclerosis
Sentence - ALS is an advanced orginization.


Augmented Reality (page ?)
Definition - a technology that superimposes a computer-generated image on a user's view of the real world, thus providing a composite view.
Sentence -

CAT (Computer Assisted Translation) (page ?)
Definition - a form of language translation in which a human translator uses computer software to support and facilitate the translation process.
Sentence -

Electrode (page ?)
Definition - a conductor through which electricity enters or leaves an object, substance, or region.
Sentence -The stimulating electrodes cause the membrane potential to change a little.

Biofeedback (page ?)
Definition - the use of electronic monitoring of a normally automatic bodily function in order to train someone to acquire voluntary control of that function.
Sentence - Biofeedback has had some success in the treatment of such disorders as chronic headaches and back pain.

ALS (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis) (page ?)
Definition - is a nervous system (neurological) disease that causes muscle weakness and impacts physical function.
Sentence - ALS often begins with muscle twitching and weakness in an arm or leg, or sometimes with slurring of speech.


Bottleneck (Page 33)
Definition - a place where there is something blocking it
Sentence - The road had a had a huge bottleneck traffic jam because of the crash ahead.

Cosmologist (Page 60)
Definition - a person who studies the universe and how it came to be
Sentence - Stephen Hawking is a cosmologist.

Oxygenated Hemoglobin (Page 62)
Definition - hemoglobin combined with oxygen
Sentence - Oxygenated Hemoglobin is located in the brain.

MRI-MOUSE (Page 70)
Definition - a mini MRI machine that is about a foot tall
Sentence - In the future a MRI-MOUSE will be in everyone's homes.

Superconductor (Page 72)
Definition - an object that allows electricity to flow through it without losing any energy
Sentence - The superconductor conducts electricity.


Telepresence (page 35)
Definition - 3D images and sounds of a person will appear in your glasses or contact lens this is what may come to replace teleconferencing.
Sentence - Lets have the C.E.O. come in over telepresence.

Emanating (page 53)
Definition - coming out of or being produced from.
Sentence - There was a strange light emanating from behind the door.

Autonomous (page 32)
Definition - independent or working by itself without any human help
Sentence - The car was autonomous.

Ubiquitous (page 37)
Definition - all around us
Sentence - The computers were ubiquitous.

Backscatter x-ray (page 53)
Definition - uses augmented reality to help you with small x-rays or to see through walls
Sentence - The Navy Seal used backscatter x-rays to look through the walls.


Ephemeral (pg 63)
Definition- lasting a very short time
Sentence- Those ephemeral images that are sometimes so frustrating to recall or understand.

Neuroscience (pg 67)
Definition- scientific study of the nervous system
Sentence- They wanted to determine how neuroscience will affect the law.

Counterintuitive (pg 46)
Definition- counter to what intuition would lead one to expect
Sentence- On the surface, the theory may sound counterintuitive

Omnidirectional (pg 39)
Definition- sending or receiving signals in all directions
Sentence- I was able to see an omnidirectional robot doing work.

Philistines (pg 22)
Definition- people who are lacking in or is indifferent to cultural values
Sentence- It will become an instrument of the philistines.

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